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Hielke Buddelmeyer

Working paper

When general skills are not enough: the influence of recent shifts in Australian skilled migration policy on migrant employment outcomes

This report focusses on the effects on migrant labour market outcomes of Australia’s recent shift from a points-based “supply driven” model that favoured independent General Skilled Migrants, to a “hybrid model” that balances supply driven migration against Employer Sponsored “demand driven” migration. Abstract Although many...
Working paper

How windfall income increases gambling at poker machines

This paper examines the relationship between these financial windfalls and spending at electronic gaming machines (EGMs) using data from 62 local government areas in Victoria, Australia.

"Churn" within the Australian tax and transfer systems of 2003/04 to 2008/09

The main aim of the analyses is to examine the 'churn' of tax and transfer at a micro level, where 'churn' is defined as individuals paying income tax while at the same time also receiving income support payments. The Melbourne Institute Tax and Transfer Simulator...
Discussion paper

Understanding the drivers of poverty dynamics in Australian households

A range of household head, partner and demographic characteristics in addition to life-changing events have an impact on both the likelihood of remaining poor and slipping into poverty according to this analysis of the HILDA survey.Using longitudinal household data and an econometric model of conditional...
Discussion paper

The effects of smoking ban regulations on individual smoking rates

Hielke Buddelmeyer and Roger Wilkins describe the dynamics of smoking behaviour in Australia, using HILDA data to track individuals’ smoking behaviour over the period 2001 to 2003, during which time smoking ban initiatives in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory came into effect. They exploit...