Nicolas Herault

Alternate Name:
Nicolas Hérault
Working paper

The effect of job search requirements on welfare receipt

This paper highlights clear evidence from the Australian welfare policy reform that the imposition of job search requirements on benefit recipients results in substantially lower benefit receipt.
Working paper

Understanding the rising trend in female labour force participation

Female labour force participation has increased tremendously since World War II in developed countries. The key contribution of this paper is to provide separate and internally consistent estimates of the role of tax and transfer policy reforms, wage growth, population changes and changes in labour...

How income mobility and income growth explain income inequality trends

Proposes a new approach capable of explaining concomitant changes in income inequality and income mobility. Introduction Income mobility and income inequality are two topics that have been the subject of extensive research. Although both topics are clearly related, building a bridge between them remains a...

Intergenerational correlation of labour market outcomes

This paper focuses on the correlation of labour market outcomes of parents and children and investigates whether education is an important factor in this correlation , allowing for its potential endogeneity. Based on the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) data, the multivariate...

"Churn" within the Australian tax and transfer systems of 2003/04 to 2008/09

The main aim of the analyses is to examine the 'churn' of tax and transfer at a micro level, where 'churn' is defined as individuals paying income tax while at the same time also receiving income support payments. The Melbourne Institute Tax and Transfer Simulator...