Rachel Callinan


Dealing with Graffiti in New South Wales

This paper examines the occurrence and practice of graffiti in NSW and the ways in which it has been dealt with in recent years. It is the harm caused by graffiti to the community, in terms of property damage and fear of crime, that is...

Court Delays in NSW: Issues and Developments

This paper examines the issue of delays in relation to the Local, District and Supreme Courts of NSW. Delay has been a long-standing concern to the courts and successive NSW Governments. The operation of an efficient and effective court system is crucial to the administration...

Election Finance Law: Public Funding, Donations and Expenditure

This paper examines three areas of election finance law. First, the public funding of election campaigns. Second, the obligation on political parties, candidates and others to disclose the source of donations and third, the regulation of election expenditure: expenditure limits and disclosure of expenditure. The...