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Hilary Hollingsworth


Communicating student learning progress: a review of student reporting in Australia

This report questions the role of the traditional end of semester school report, after finding most provide little indication of students’ learning growth and are increasingly becoming superseded by newer communication technologies that allow for continuous reporting.

Teaching science in Australia

The quality of Year 8 science teaching in Australia is strongly endorsed by the findings of this study by Jan Lokan, Hilary Hollingsworth and Mark Hackling. The Third International Mathematics and Science Study 1999 Video Study (TIMSS) investigated and described Year 8 Science teaching in...

Teaching mathematics in Australia

This report provides an Australian-focused analysis and discussion of the results from the international study, Teaching Mathematics in Seven Countries: Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study, which was released earlier this year. The examination of videotapes of 87 randomly selected Year 8 mathematics classes...