John P. Martin

Policy report

Policies to expand digital skills for the Machine Age

A new technological epoch is underway – the so-called Machine Age – reflecting advances in artificial intelligence, digitalisation and Big Data. Some commentators have claimed that this epoch is different from previous ones in that it will produce large-scale technological unemployment, while others argue the...

Migration and the global economy: some stylised facts

At a time when the subject of “globalisation” is on everyone’s lips, it is timely to reflect on the contribution of international migration to the ongoing wave of globalisation. Just how significant an engine of globalisation is international migration? What have been some of the...

The changing nature of the school-to-work transition process in OECD countries

This paper highlights the contrasting trends in youth labour market performance over the past decade using a wide range of indicators. It presents new evidence on the length of transitions from school to work, and the degree to which temporary jobs serve as either traps...