Bruce Tranter

Journal article

Towards an understanding of loneliness among Australian men: gender cultures, embodied expression and the social bases of belonging

To date, psychology has dominated the theoretical research on loneliness but this article argues that sociology has a key role to play in broadening out the theoretical terrain of this understanding so as to create culturally informed interventions.
Technical report

Our lives: the first ten years 2006 - 2016

The Social Futures and Life Pathways of Young People in Queensland (‘Our Lives’) Project is a longitudinal cohort study of young Queenslanders who began secondary school (Year 8) in 2006. The aim of the study is to track how young people’s values, attitudes, aspirations and...

Party leaders, global warming and green voting in Australia

Major party leaders not only seem to influence public opinion on global warming, argues this conference paper, but also have an impact upon Green voting in federal elections. As the Australian environmental movement has routinised and become increasingly institutionalised, its representative aspect – the Australian...

Housing, loneliness and health

This essay asks whether housing, loneliness and health are connected in contemporary Australia, and if they are, is it a nexus that can be addressed positively through housing policy.

Loneliness in Australia

Further to previous theoretical work on loneliness and the condition of contemporary social bonds in ‘liquid modernity’, this paper reports on a new nationally representative survey, carried out in 2007, which examined loneliness in contemporary Australia. The paper identifies loneliness to be a potentially very...