Gerard Cotterell

Policy report

Further fraying of the welfare safety net

Highlights key changes and identifies themes in the continued and systematic reduction of social welfare and income support for children in New Zealand since 2008.
Journal article

From expectational to aspirational citizenship?: The changing attitudes of the working and middle classes in Aotearoa / New Zealand 1990-2014

The neoliberal agenda has been in place in Aotearoa / New Zealand, under governments of different political persuasion, since the mid-1980s. An important aspect of this agenda has been to construct an environment in which individuals are expected to take more responsibility for their own...
Journal article

Using Census data to examine changes in wellbeing for Samoan, Cook Island, Tongan and Niuean households

This paper demonstrates how Census data can be used to examine changes in wellbeing for population sub-groups.