David Martin Jones


Malaysia's dilemma

In this paper David Martin Jones argues that the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's United Malay National Organization now faces the challenge of renegotiating the terms of its fraying social contract, widening the basis for minority participation and more forcefully addressing the...

Beyond belief: Islamism, radicalisation and the counter-terrorism response

The paper examines the strategies employed by Dutch, British and Singaporean agencies to counter radicalisation. It suggests five measures that should be undertaken to prevent the type of violent extremism that has evolved in Europe and elsewhere from establishing itself in Australia.

Australian foreign policy in the twentieth century: the problem of having special friends

For the first time in its history Australia is in an interesting place at an interesting time, argues David Martin Jones, as the current ideology driving US foreign policy comes into conflict with developing Chinese reality, which is projecting its soft but essentially illiberal power...