Peter Chen

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Australian politics and policy

With contributions from Australia’s leading politics and public-policy scholars, this textbook includes material on Australian political history and philosophy, key political institutions, Australian political sociology, public policy-making in Australia, and specialised chapters on a range of key policy domains.

Double disillusion: the 2016 Australian federal election

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the 2016 Australian federal election and the contemporary political and policy challenges facing Australian democracy and society today.

Australian politics in a digital age

Information and communications technologies are increasingly important in the Australian political landscape. From the adoption of new forms of electoral campaigning to the use of networking technology to organise social movements, media technology has the potential to radically change the way politics is conducted and...

Electronic democracy? The impact of new communications technology on Australian democracy

How have those involved in the political process, including government, political parties, MPs and civil society groups used new technology ask Peter Chen, Rachel Gibson and Karin Geiselhart. On the one hand there is the potential for increased big brother surveillance of citizens, on the...