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Anthony J. McMichael


Climate change in Australia: risks to human wellbeing and health

Anthony McMichael from the Australian National University writes that "climate change belongs to a wider range of human-induced global environmental changes that are now assuming great and urgent importance. Collectively, these changes signify that human pressures are weakening and endangering the planet’s life support systems...

National adaptation research plan (human health): consultation draft

Climate change poses direct and indirect risks to health. Direct risks include physical injury because of more frequent events such as bushfire, and increased heat-related death and disease. Indirect risks include more infectious diseases transmitted through vectors such as insects, and mental and physical health...

Climate change health check 2020

In recognition that climate change is posing ever-growing threats to global public health security, this report by Doctors for the Environment, Australia, commissioned by the Climate Institute, summarises recent research on health risks and effective responses with a focus on minimizing human health impacts of...

Healthy planet, places and people

Research Australia brought a panel of ten scientists together to profile Australian health and medical research into environmental health issues that are likely to emerge or worsen due to climate change. This report covers emerging research in areas such as: • The impact of climate...