Julie Smith

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Julie P. Smith
Literature review

Review of effective strategies to promote breastfeeding

This review examines the effectiveness of strategies designed to improve breastfeeding considering their impact on breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity and duration.

Breastfeeding and infants' time use

Being breastfed during infancy is known to improve developmental outcomes, but the pathways by which this occurs remain unclear. One possible yet unexplored mechanism is that breastfed infants may spend their time differently to infants who are not breastfed. This paper analyses infants' time use...

Taxation, reform and politics

With the first Rudd government’s budget, an economically risky election commitment to major personal income tax cuts amidst a booming economy, and a 2020 Summit-related promise of ‘root and branch’ tax reform including federal finances, 2008 promises to be another taxing year for Australian governments.

Tax expenditures: the $30 billion twilight zone of government spending

This paper examines the $30 billion in Commonwealth tax expenditures which provide tax benefits through deductions, rebates, reduced rates and deferred liabilities. While essentially the same as outlays, tax expenditures are not subject to the same scrutiny but provide the cosmetic effect of a slimmer...