Marilyn Harrington

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Universal access to early childhood education: a quick guide

This paper provides an overview of the national policy framework for the provision of universal access to early childhood education in Australia. Introduction The imperative to provide universal access to early childhood education (ECE) is supported by a significant body of research that demonstrates the...

Funding the National Plan for School Improvement: an explanation

This paper provides an explanation of the National Plan for School Improvement (NPSI) school funding model, including the new funding that will be provided to participating education systems and schools and the Australian Government’s funding for schools. Introduction If agreed to by all states and...

Australian Government funding for schools explained - March 2013

There is much anticipation about the future of school funding with proposed new arrangements for school funding scheduled to be presented to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in April this year. The meeting will be the culmination of the latest iteration of the...

Preschool education in Australia - background note

Following on from its election commitment to ensure preschool access for four-year-old children, the Australian Government is proceeding with its plans to provide access to ‘universal’ preschool education. This commitment is supported by an overwhelming body of evidence attesting to the efficacy of early childhood...

Commonwealth funding for schools since 1996: an update

The considerable debate since 1996 about Commonwealth expenditure on schools has been driven by policy changes that have significantly restructured Commonwealth funding and influenced the relative funding share between the government and non-government schools sectors. In this Research Note Marilyn Harrington briefly explains these policy...