Jodie Lodge


Children who bully at school

Examines children who bully at school, and specifically on the ways in which parenting and family functioning underpin a child's bullying behaviour. Overview School bullying is a serious problem worldwide. There is now strong evidence to indicate that children who bully at school are at...

Working with families whose child is bullying: an evidence-based guide for practitioners

This guide aims to provide practitioners and other professionals with information on school bullying and ways to work with and support families with a child who is bullying others. Abstract When children bully others at school, they are at significant risk of continuing this pattern...

Helping your child stop bullying: a guide for parents

This guide is part of a compendium of resources focusing on children who bully at school, which focuses on effective ways of working with families to interrupt the continuity from school bullying to later adverse life outcomes. Overview It’s hard for any parent to believe...

Parental separation from an adolescent perspective: what do they say?

This paper highlights findings from interviews with adolescents from separated families. At a general level, the study emphasised the importance of listening to the perspectives of young people on their experiences of parental separation, including what is important to them in adjusting to their changing...
Working paper

Views of adolescents in separated families

In particular, the 2006 changes to the Family Law Act 1975 were intended to bring the views, feelings and experiences of children into sharper focus. The present study explores the experience of parental separation for 623 adolescent children aged 12–18 years, whose parents separated after...