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John Menadue


This is real corporate welfare

John Menadue and Ian McAuley look at how government handouts to the private health insurance industry put subsidies to the auto industry in the shade.

A new approach: breaking the stalemate on refugees and asylum seekers

This report comprehensively critiques Australia’s refugee and asylum policies and finds they are inhumane, ineffective and expensive. It argues that Australia needs a circuit-breaker in our treatment of people seeking asylum from war and persecution. On the 10th anniversary of the Tampa, Australia’s asylum and...
Conference paper

The importance of universal health care and primary health care for rural and remote Australians

People living in rural and remote Australia, and particularly Indigenous Australians, have much poorer health and inferior health services than other Australians. This presentation briefly explores the issues of an ageing rural population and its associated health demands, the incidence of depression, lack of access...