Anne Marie Thow


Negotiating healthy trade in Australia: health impact assessment of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Drawing on leaked texts of potential provisions of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this health impact assessment found the potential for negative impacts in the cost of medicines, tobacco control policies, alcohol control policies, and food labeling. Overview The Centre for Health Equity Training Research...
Briefing paper

Fiscal policy levers to improve diets and prevent obesity

Preventing obesity is a high priority for Australian governments. While individuals have a responsibility to manage their own diet and weight, governments also have a role to play. Governments can enable individual health promoting behaviours through a range of means including: the physical environment (for...

Profile of nutritional status of children and adolescents

This report provides a summary of existing food and nutrition data relating to children and adolescents, based on the dietary guidelines for children and adolescents in Australia and incorporating recommendations from the new nutrient reference values. It brings together the most recent national nutrition-related data...

Australian diet quality index project

A diet quality index (DQI) provides a summary measure of overall diet quality. It represents a collection of scores applied to selected dietary components deemed to be representative of a healthy diet. Internationally, measures of overall diet quality have been associated with chronic disease risk...

Towards a national prisoner health information system

This report calls for an integrated national approach to prisoner health information, to support improved prisoner health. The report notes that the large and growing population of prisoners in Australia presents a strong challenge to the public's health. There is an opportunity to intervene and...