Patrick Harris

Conference paper

Planning healthy neighbourhoods: Addressing the links between health, wellbeing, health equity and neighbourhood built form

The social determinants of health (SDH) are recommended as a policy focus for governments seeking to increase health and wellbeing, and maintain control of health care budgets. Urban planning influences the SDH by shaping the physical and social aspects of neighbourhoods, creating conditions that can...
Conference paper

Healthy built environments and strategic planning: the role of discourse

The promotion of human health was explicitly positioned as one of four goals in Sydney’s most recent metropolitan strategy: ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney’ (released December 2014). This is a first for metropolitan strategic planning in New South Wales. It presents a timely and unique...

Negotiating healthy trade in Australia: health impact assessment of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Drawing on leaked texts of potential provisions of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this health impact assessment found the potential for negative impacts in the cost of medicines, tobacco control policies, alcohol control policies, and food labeling. Overview The Centre for Health Equity Training Research...

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations and the health of Australians

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement has the potential to negatively impact the health of Australians by raising the cost of medicine and limiting the government's ability to regulate tobacco and alcohol, argues this policy brief based on publicly available and recently leaked negotiating documents. Executive...