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Tess Lea

Alternate Name:
Teresa Lea

Sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia

This research explores what is required for sustainable Indigenous housing in remote Australia to deliver positive health outcomes, so that housing stock is maintained at high levels and is designed with climate change in mind.

Marginal housing during COVID-19

This research examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginal and informal housing and short-term rental accommodation to establish any health and housing risks, and investigates any changes to the demand and supply of informal housing during COVID-19.

Excellence or exit: ensuring Anangu futures through education

The discussion and recommendations in this document aim to present Anangu leaders, schools and the enabling policy community that supports schools, with key points for debate and consideration, as the platform to develop an ambitious charter for education reform.

The funding of Indigenous education through special purpose supplementation: an historical overview

It reveals that when many new programs come on board, they do not represent additional money, rather re-labelling of old. This report concludes that targeted Federal Government funding designed to 'close the gap' in Indigenous education has effectively been 'frozen' for years. It reveals that...
Conference paper

Darwin as 'Creative Tropical City': just how transferable is creative city thinking?

This paper contributes to recent debates about how urban policy discourses travel, whether they are transferable and what is lost in their translation.