Mark Harris

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Associations between rapid weight gain in infancy and weight status among urban Aboriginal children participating in the Gudaga study

This study aims to describe the growth trajectories of Australian Aboriginal children from 0 to 9 years within an urban setting.
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The uptake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments fails to improve in some areas

The Medicare-rebated Health Assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (Medicare Benefits Schedule [MBS] item number 715) has been progressively implemented across Australia since 1999. Semi-structured interviews and self-complete mail surveys with 31 general practice staff and practitioners were combined with an audit of...
Literature review

Evidence check: commissioning primary health care

This Evidence Check review examines the evidence on the types of commissioning that support best value investment for primary care, with a particular focus on the primary-acute interface and chronic disease management. The review found limited evidence for the impact of various models of commissioning...
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Obesity management in general practice: does current practice match guideline recommendations?

Examines the documentation of measures recommended in the National Health and Medical Research Council clinical practice guidelines for managing overweight and obesity in adults, adolescents and children in Australia. Summary Primary health care, generally the first point of contact for people seeking health services, has...
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Developments in Australian general practice 2000-2002: what did these contribute to a well functioning and comprehensive Primary Health Care System?

In recent years, national and state/territory governments have undertaken an increasing number of initiatives to improve links between general practice and the rest of the primary health care sector. This paper reviews how far these initiatives have contributed to a well functioning and comprehensive primary...