Lisa Jackson Pulver

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Lisa R. Jackson Pulver
Conference paper

Aboriginal engagement, Aboriginal evaluation: owning an evaluation through comprehensive co-design

This paper introduces the project governance and the co-creation of an Aboriginal advisory group and explains the lengthy, but critical, collaborative process the advisory group then used to develop an agreed evaluation logic model to inform the design of the evaluation.
Journal article

Learning about Aboriginal health and wellbeing at the postgraduate level: novel application of the Growth and Empowerment Measure

This article reports findings regarding the feasibility, specificity and sensitivity of the Growth and Empowerment Measure (GEM) in the evaluation of two innovative Australian 13-week postgraduate public health electives focused on Aboriginal health and wellbeing.

Report on the quality of 2016 Census data

The Census Independent Assurance Panel has provided this written report to the Australian Statistician, giving its view on aspects of the quality of the 2016 Census data.
Journal article

The uptake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments fails to improve in some areas

The Medicare-rebated Health Assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (Medicare Benefits Schedule [MBS] item number 715) has been progressively implemented across Australia since 1999. Semi-structured interviews and self-complete mail surveys with 31 general practice staff and practitioners were combined with an audit of...
Briefing paper

Questions from the lab – is Australia and the near region ready for the next attack of ‘flu?

This paper addresses the question of whether Australia and the near region are ready for the next attack of influenza. It notes that new pathogens are constantly emerging and also rapidly changing, developing better-tuned defences that resist human efforts to contain and control them.