Peter McDonald

Journal article

Australia should continue its current comprehensive population policy – at least for the next decade

Does the absence of precise targets for total population and for the rate of population growth mean that Australia does not have a population policy? That seems to be the popular perception based on the current debate about population, and no less an authority than...

Report on the quality of 2016 Census data

The Census Independent Assurance Panel has provided this written report to the Australian Statistician, giving its view on aspects of the quality of the 2016 Census data.
Working paper

The impact of demographic change on labour supply and economic growth: can APEC meet the challenges ahead?

This report analyses the components of economic growth in 21 APEC economies in the past 25 years and the next 35. Written to contribute to discussions at APEC Senior Officials’ meetings in the run up to APEC ministerial and leaders meetings, it highlights the critical...

Population ageing and Australia's future

Overview This volume provides evidence from many of Australia’s leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines to support policies that address challenges presented by Australia’s ageing population. It builds on presentations made to the 2014 Symposium of the Academy of the Social Sciences...

State statistical bulletin 2010–11

This paper presents tables and charts for a broad range of social, demographic and economic indicators across all Australian states and territories, and compares them to Australian averages. Each table contains data for the last five years, while each chart plots data for the financial...