Dennis Trewin


Report on the quality of 2016 Census data

The Census Independent Assurance Panel has provided this written report to the Australian Statistician, giving its view on aspects of the quality of the 2016 Census data.

Measuring and promoting wellbeing: how important is economic growth?

This book examines questions such as: does economic growth contribute to wellbeing? How different is income to wellbeing? How do we measure societal wellbeing and take its distribution into account? Summary Australia continues to be at the forefront of international work on measuring and promoting...

Tax and social security

These papers are a follow-up to a roundtable that reviewed the Australian tax system, the Henry Review recommendations and the extent of their implementation, and last year's Tax Summit at Parliament House. In October 2011 the Academy, in partnership with the ANU and the Australia...

Measures of Australia's progress 2004

This report is intended to help Australians address the question, ‘Has life in our country got better, especially during the past decade?’