Karen Gardner

Discussion paper

How can systems thinking enhance stewardship of public services?

Much has been written about systems thinking and its potential application in public administration. However, to date there is no clear consensus about its key concepts or methods, and very little empirical evidence exists to guide system level stewardship practice for those working in government...
Journal article

Implementation of continuous quality improvement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care in Australia: a scoping systematic review

This scoping review was undertaken to explore uptake and implementation in Indigenous primary health care (PHC), including barriers and enablers to embedding continuous quality improvement (CQI) in routine practice. The article contains guidance on how research and evaluation might be intensified to support implementation.
Literature review

Evidence check: commissioning primary health care

This Evidence Check review examines the evidence on the types of commissioning that support best value investment for primary care, with a particular focus on the primary-acute interface and chronic disease management. The review found limited evidence for the impact of various models of commissioning...