Fran Baum

Fran Baum is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Director of the Southgate Institute of Health, Society and Equity at Flinders University. Professor Baum is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and one of Australia's leading researchers on the social and economic determinants of health. In 2008 she was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship focusing on development of effective government and community responses to social determinants of health inequity and social exclusion. She holds several other national competitive grants investigating aspects of health inequity, and has an extensive teaching career in public health.
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The research commercialisation agenda: a concerning development for public health research

This editorial argues that the fundamental priority of health and medical research funding should always be to promote public and individual health and to reduce inequities, rather than to support perceived potential for commercialisation.
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Collaborative population health planning between Australian primary health care organisations and local government: lost opportunity

Improving primary health care and local government collaboration has great potential to improve the quality of health planning and action on social determinants, thus advancing population health and health equity.
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Planning healthy neighbourhoods: Addressing the links between health, wellbeing, health equity and neighbourhood built form

The social determinants of health (SDH) are recommended as a policy focus for governments seeking to increase health and wellbeing, and maintain control of health care budgets. Urban planning influences the SDH by shaping the physical and social aspects of neighbourhoods, creating conditions that can...
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A citizens’ jury on regulation of McDonald's products and operations in Australia in response to a corporate health impact assessment

This research found that citizens’ juries can play an important role in providing feedback and policy recommendations in response to the findings of a health impact assessment of transnational corporations.

Want to improve the nation’s health? Start by reducing inequalities and improving living conditions

Across Australia, low-income people lose about six years of life compared to their better-off compatriots. If policymakers want to reduce health inequities, one of the best ways is to create environments that promote better health. This is known as addressing the ‘social determinants of health.’