Sue Richardson

Working paper

From 'gentle invaders' to 'breadwinners': Australian women's increasing employment and earnings shares

The norms of men as breadwinners and women as carers face a different reality, with large and ongoing consequences for employment arrangements, family formation and the raising of children. Abstract Traditional gender roles are being disturbed by the increasing earnings of women relative to men...

Reimagining leadership for a fairer Australia

This dialogue examines the growth of inequality in Australia. Summary This Dialogue, recorded at Swinburne on 18 September 2014, focused on one of the ‘elephants in the room’ – the growth of inequality in Australia. Australia was, and remains, less unequal than other western nations...

Living alone in Australia: trends in sole living and characteristics of those who live alone

Since the 1960s we have experienced major changes in the way people live and the way in which they build their families and households. This paper looks at the characteristics of people who live alone. Adults are marrying and having children later than in the...

Gender pay differentials in the low-paid labour market (I)

The National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University, were commissioned by the Australian Fair Pay Commission Secretariat to investigate the size, trends in, and determinants of, the difference between male and female pay in Australia focusing on occupations and industries with a high density of...

What is a skill shortage?

This report seeks to clarify the term 'skill shortage' and to explain how skill shortages can be resolved naturally by market forces. It also provides some guidance on determining when a skill shortage requires public-policy intervention.