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Emma Miller

Alternate Name:
Emma R. Miller
Journal article

Assessing the health impacts of transnational corporations: a case study of Carlton and United Breweries in Australia

Other authors
Nicholas Freudenberg
The practices of transnational corporations (TNCs) affect population health through unhealthy products, shaping social determinants of health, or influencing the regulatory structures governing their activities. This research revealed sufficient information to recognise that strong regulatory frameworks are needed to help to avoid or to mediate...
Journal article

Adaptive capacity: a qualitative study of midlife Australian women's resilience during COVID-19

With COVID-19 evoking health, social and economic challenges at incomparable scales, potentially fracturing mental stability, this article provides insight useful to policy makers and health professionals to support resilience as the pandemic continues.
Journal article

Lifestyle interventions through participatory research: a mixed-methods systematic review of alcohol and other breast cancer behavioural risk factors

The carcinogenic nature of alcohol has been known for over twenty years; however, this has failed to translate into significant behavioural, practice, or policy change. This systematic review examines peer-reviewed research studies where participants were involved in the research process and the outcomes related to...