Hailay Abrha Gesesew

Alternate Name:
Hailay A. Gesesew

Migration, resilience, vulnerability and migrants’ health

This Special Issue of IJERPH focuses on international migration and resettlement and includes research on health literacy and communication; mental health and resilience; sexual and reproductive health services; identity and belongingness and policy for disability among migrants in Europe migration.
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Post-migration stressors and mental health for African migrants in South Australia: a qualitative study

We conducted a qualitative study involving African migrants (n = 20) and service providers (n = 10) in South Australia to explore mental health stressors, access to mental health services and how to improve mental health services for African migrant populations. This paper presents the...

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Knowledge of breast cancer and breast self-examination practices and its barriers among university female students in Bangladesh: findings from a cross-sectional study

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the best approach towards its control that may result in alleviating related mortality and morbidity. This study aimed to evaluate knowledge about breast cancer and both practices and perceived barriers to breast self-examination among female university students in Bangladesh...

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COVID-19-Social science research during a pandemic

A huge number of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies have been published to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic crises and the findings from these studies are helping policy makers to understand how best to manage the current and future clinical and public health responses. In addition...

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Prevalence and factors associated with suicidal ideation among adult Eritrean refugees in Northern Ethiopia

The present study assessed the prevalence of and factor associated with suicidal ideations among adult Eritrean refugees in Tigray, Ethiopia. Methods: A community-based cross-sectional study was carried out among 400 adult refugees living in the Mai-Aini refugee camp in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia from September 2019...