Phillip McKenzie


Key international developments affecting Australian education and training

Education and training in Australia are increasingly operating in an internationalised environment. Overseas students are major sources of funds and enrolments, Australian institutions operate overseas and form a wide range of international partnerships, and holders of Australian qualifications work throughout the world. This paper discusses...

Teacher workforce data and planning processes in Australia

This report is based on consultations with a wide range of organisations and individuals in all states and territories between September and December 2006. It forms part of the Australian School Teacher and Leader project which was commissioned by the former Department of Education, Science...

Staff in Australia's schools 2007

This report outlines the results of the Staff in Australia's Schools survey, which gathered information from over 13,000 secondary and primary school teachers and leaders across the country. It aimed to address key gaps in the data available to characterise the teaching profession to support...

OECD improving school leadership activity: Australia country background report

Prepared for the Australian Government by the Australian Council for Educational Research in 2006 and released in January 2008, this report provides information on school leadership in Australia, including school governance, the links between leadership and learning outcomes, the attractiveness of the leadership role, and...

Australian young people: their stories, their families and post-school plans

This study undertaken for The Smith Family by the Australian Council for Educational Research is the fifth in a series of reports on the challenges faced by Learning for Life students in making successful post-school transitions. ‘Australian Young People: their stories, their families and post-school...