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Jeremy Prichard


How to implement online warnings to prevent the use of child sexual abuse material

Online child sexual abuse material (CSAM) offending is a challenge for law enforcement, policy-makers and child welfare organisations alike. To address this, the authors of this report use a case study to analyse the actions individuals and organisations within the technology, government, non-government and private...

Warning messages to prevent illegal sharing of sexual images: results of a randomised controlled experiment

Illegal distribution of sexual images by adults and minors is an expanding problem. In this research, the authors examine whether messages would dissuade men (18–32 years) from visiting a fake website offering access to free pornography to users who uploaded a sexual image of a...

Measuring drug use patterns in Queensland through wastewater analysis

This paper considers the potential value of wastewater analysis for measuring net consumption of illicit drugs and the effectiveness of law enforcement agency strategies. Estimating the use of illicit drugs in the general community is an important task with ramifications for law enforcement agencies, as...

Alcohol, drugs and crime: a study of juveniles in detention

Jeremy Prichard and Jason Payne surveyed 370 young people in juvenile detention centres around Australia with the aim of understanding their offending patterns, links with drug and alcohol use, and risk factors. Their study confirms that young people in detention have extensive offending and drug...

National project on drink spiking: investigating the nature and extent of drink spiking in Australia

The report is founded on evidence obtained directly from victims of drink spiking in addition to data received from police in each Australian jurisdiction and data from the Centre Against Sexual Assault. Natalie Taylor, Jeremy Prichard and Kate Charlton highlight the degree to which drink...