Tom Kompas

Discussion paper

Australia's clean economy future: costs and benefits

This cost-benefit analysis finds that developing clean economies, whilst tackling climate change, will actually deliver economic benefits.

Compound costs: how climate change is damaging Australia's economy

Australia’s financial regulators have recently made a call for action to deal with climate change, with the Reserve Bank of Australia, APRA and ASIC all citing risks posed by climate change as a central concern for the economy and financial stability. This report asserts that...
Journal article

Managing risk and increasing the robustness of invasive species eradication programs

Invasive species eradication programs can fail by applying management strategies that are not robust to potentially large but non-quantified risks. A more robust strategy can succeed over a larger range of possible values for non-quantified risk. This form of robustness analysis is often not undertaken...
Discussion paper

Fishing futures

This policy brief focuses on fisheries and provides three perspectives: one, an overview of the underlying causes of overfishing; two, a discussion on the recent efforts of Australia to put its Commonwealth fisheries on a sustainable management path; and three, the challenges faced by our...