Esther Rajadurai


Mapping food insecurity

Australia is a prosperous country, but too many families experience food insecurity. This report examines the determinants of the issue, creating a food insecurity index for Central and North Queensland.
Discussion paper

The economic impacts of the Australian Investment Guarantee

This discussion paper explores the economic impact of the Australian Investment Guarantee, an economic policy initiative of the Australian Labor Party that they are taking to the 2019 federal election.
Discussion paper

Fork in the road: the impact of the two major parties’ penalty rate policies in the 2019 federal election

This report forecasts the impact on workers' incomes over the next term of parliament under the two major parties' respective penalty rates policies.
Discussion paper

Success in diversity: the strength of Australia’s multiculturalism

Australia is often referred to as the ‘most successful multicultural country on earth.' But what does this really mean? How is this success measured? This report provides some answers.

Encouraging efficiency: harnessing government initiatives to support the not-for-profit sector in NSW

The major conclusion that has come out of the various debates surrounding energy policy is that there is a serious electricity and power affordability problem across the National Electricity Market (NEM). Price increases over the last decade are significantly affecting Australian businesses and consumers.