Annette Braunack-Mayer

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Assessing the quality of health research from an Indigenous perspective: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander quality appraisal tool

This article presents the development and trial of a tool to assess the quality of research from an Indigenous perspective, specifically health research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australian settings.
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A role for communities in primary prevention of chronic illness? Case studies in regional Australia

In regional Australia "communities of place," defined as bounded geographic locations with a local society, undertake community-wide primary prevention programs. In helping to prevent chronic illness, communities provide valuable resources to the health system. To understand the role of community-health sector partnerships for primary prevention...
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On be(com)ing a good doctor

Medical students meet users of health services in clinical settings—the hospital or surgery—and so see them through eyes attuned to clinical and individual solutions, not to the broader social determinants of health, illness and modes of medical practice. Students are often resistant to thinking in...

"It's sort of like being a detective": understanding how Australian men self-monitor their health prior to seeking help

It is commonly held that men delay help seeking because they are ignorant about and uninterested in their health. However, this discussion has not been informed by men's lay perspectives, which have remained almost entirely absent from scholarship relating to men's help seeking practices. This...