Chelsea Bond

Mob: Munanjahli-Yugembah and South Sea Islander.Dr Chelsea Bond is a Senior Lecturer with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit at the University of Queensland.Dr Bond has worked as an Aboriginal Health Worker and researcher in communities across south-east Queensland for the past 20 years and has a strong interest in urban Indigenous health promotion, culture, identity and community development.
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Journal article

“Now we say Black Lives Matter but … the fact of the matter is, we just Black matter to them”

This perspective article addresses the need to examine and address racial violence towards First Nations people within the Australian health system.

The answer to Indigenous vulnerability to coronavirus: a more equitable public health agenda

This article looks at the ongoing crisis of Indigenous health, and the increasing threat that COVID-19 poses to Indigenous communities.

A new inquiry into Indigenous policy must address the root causes of failure

When it comes to improving Indigenous policies and programs, Indigenous communities should be the ones evaluating government – rather than the other way around.
Discussion paper

Canada–Australia Indigenous health and wellness racism working group

This discussion paper was commissioned by the Canada-Australia Indigenous Health and Wellness Working Group. The aim of the Working Group is to identify priorities related to Indigenous health and wellbeing for bi-national collaboration and action.
Journal article

The power of talk and power in talk: a systematic review of Indigenous narratives of culturally safe healthcare communication

This study aimed to explore Indigenous narrative accounts of healthcare access within qualitative research papers, to better understand Indigenous views on culturally safe healthcare and health communication represented in that literature.