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Policy report

Resisting China’s economic coercion: why America should support Australia

Countering China’s coercive diplomacy and power trading is a necessary defensive measure to protect the prosperity and security of every nation that values its sovereignty and an open trading system. This paper argues that Canberra has shown the way forward, but now also needs Washington’s...

Mitigating the new Cold War: managing US-China trade, tech and geopolitical conflict

This report draws out the risks — and likely consequences — for a system already in a state of flux, as the transition to a post-American world accelerates and the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the world economy and international trade.

Danger ahead for Australia as Asia's long peace ends

The real prospect of conflict between North Korea and the US and its allies underscores the recent deterioration in Australia’s security environment, writes Alan Dupont.

When Turnbull meets Trump

Executive summary What is the problem?

Full spectrum defence: re-thinking the fundamentals of Australian defence strategy

This report argues that successive Australian governments have failed to define an effective national defence strategy. Executive summaryAustralia’s inability to clearly and succinctly define its defence strategy is a perennial failing that will have serious policy and operational consequences if not addressed. Australia’s recent defence...