Julie Henderson


Want to improve care in nursing homes? Mandate minimum staffing levels

The biggest system failure in aged care is staffing. We don't need to wait until the royal commission is over to fix it – this can be done now.
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Collaborative population health planning between Australian primary health care organisations and local government: lost opportunity

Improving primary health care and local government collaboration has great potential to improve the quality of health planning and action on social determinants, thus advancing population health and health equity.
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Demographic indicators of trust in federal, state and local government: implications for Australian health policy makers

Objective: To provide baseline findings regarding Australians' trust in federal, state and local government. Methods: A computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) survey was administrated during October to December 2009 to a random sample (n = 1109) across Australia (response rate 41.2%). Binary logistic regression analyses were...
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Barriers to collaboration in mental health services for older people: external agency views

The need for mental health services for older people living in rural areas is increasing in South Australia. Providing such care requires coordination between several types of services across government, hospital and non-government sectors. The purpose of this study was to identify barriers to collaboration...
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