Tamara Mackean

Mob: Waljen woman from Western Australia

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Journal article

The journey of aftercare for Australia’s First Nations families whose child had sustained a burn injury: a qualitative study

This paper reports on barriers and facilitators to culturally safe and appropriate burn aftercare for Australia’s First Nations children.
Journal article

Collaborative population health planning between Australian primary health care organisations and local government: lost opportunity

Improving primary health care and local government collaboration has great potential to improve the quality of health planning and action on social determinants, thus advancing population health and health equity.
Journal article

Partnerships in action: addressing the health challenge for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Over the past year, the Indigenous Health Campaign, or Close the Gap, coalition has been working with non Indigenous organisations to reverse the entrenched disparity and poor outcomes in Indigenous health. The campaign has been led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health leaders and...