Karen Detering

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Karen M. Detering
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Advance care directive prevalence among older Australians and associations with person-level predictors and quality indicators

Advance care planning (ACP) and related medical treatment legislation enable individuals to maintain choice and control over their health-care decisions in the event they lose decision-making capacity in the future.The ultimate goal of ACP is that people receive medical care that is consistent with their...
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Organisational and advance care planning program characteristics associated with advance care directive completion

This study provides new evidence regarding organisational and advance care planning program characteristics associated with the prevalence of one or more advance care directives at the point-of-care for older Australians in health and residential aged care services.

Prevalence of advance care planning documentation in Australian health and residential aged care services report 2019

This study identifies a number of important findings relating to advance care planning document uptake relevant to policy makers, health and residential aged care service providers and workforce, palliative care services, researchers, and the general public.
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Doctors’ perspectives on adhering to advance care directives when making medical decisions for patients: an Australian interview study

This study uncovers the complexity and difficulty experienced by doctors when enacting Advance Care Directives (ACDs) and the deep conflict in weighing up whether to follow a patient directive.