Nadine Smith


Understanding the relationship between crime victimisation and mental health: a longitudinal analysis of population data

Being a victim of violent crime has a damaging effect on mental health, particularly for women, according to this report. The needs and experiences of victims of crime have become increasingly recognised as an important aspect of criminal justice and public policy. In Australia, victim...

Personal stress, financial stress, social support and women’s experiences of physical violence: a longitudinal analysis

This study aimed to determine whether higher levels of personal and financial stress and/or lower levels of social support at one point in time are associated with a higher risk of experiencing physical violence at a later point in time. Method: Logistic generalized estimating equations...

Police use of court alternatives for young persons in NSW

This study measured the level of variation across the NSW Police Force’s Local Area Commands (LACs) in the proportion of young persons diverted from court, before and after adjusting for factors police may consider when deciding how to proceed against a young person. Method: Between...

The Domestic Violence Intervention Court Model: a follow-up study

The Domestic Violence Intervention Court Model was successful in achieving some but not all of its aims. This study examines whether domestic violence police and court outcomes have changed since the commencement of the Domestic Violence Intervention Court Model (DVICM). Method: Logistic and Poisson regression...

Why is the juvenile re-offending rate higher than expected?

Research by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has shown that the observed rate of re-offending among juvenile offenders convicted in 2006/7 was significantly higher than the predicted rate of re-offending. The discrepancy, though small, (57.9% observed rate compared to 54.7% predicted rate)...