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Australia has an ugly legacy of denying water rights to Aboriginal people. Not much has changed

Water management in the Murray-Darling Basin has radically changed over the past 30 years, including Aboriginal people’s share of water rights in New South Wales.

Investigation of the causes of mass fish kills in the Menindee Region NSW over the summer of 2018–2019

This report investigates the causes of three major fish kills in the Darling River near Menindee in December 2018 and January 2019. It was produced at the request of the Hon. Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Federal Opposition and was made public by the...
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Aboriginal water values and resource development pressures in the Pilbara region of north-west Australia

The Pilbara is a remote arid region with a significant Aboriginal population, rich mineral resources and rapid rates of mineral resource development. Pilbara Aboriginal people claim deep ongoing connections to the land and water-scapes of the area and value water sources and features for a...

National Indigenous water planning forum

This report focusses on the Indigenous access provisions of the 2004 National Water Initiative (NWI). It describes the policy mechanisms and processes that have been implemented to date for Indigenous participation in water planning and access to water. The report supplies detailed observations about these...