Sarah Wheeler

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The rebound effect on water extraction from subsidising irrigation infrastructure in Australia

Australia has spent more than $6 billion to reallocate water to environmental purposes. Most of this money has subsidised infrastructure, despite its lack of cost-effectiveness. This article highlights four key lessons on how to respond to these water governance challenges.

Investigation of the causes of mass fish kills in the Menindee Region NSW over the summer of 2018–2019

This report investigates the causes of three major fish kills in the Darling River near Menindee in December 2018 and January 2019. It was produced at the request of the Hon. Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Federal Opposition and was made public by the...

Incorporating temporary trade with the buy-back of water entitlements in Australia

Alternatives to the current buy-back of water entitlements by the government in the Murray Darling Basin are assessed using multiple criteria based on the western U.S. experience, real options theory, scenario analysis and policy adoption criteria. This analysis suggests the following benefits of incorporating temporary...

The relationship between crime and gaming expenditure in Victoria

This study investigates the relationship between gaming expenditure and crime in Victoria, especially income-generating crimes like theft, fraud, break and enter, forgery, false pretences, larceny and robbery. This research involved an extensive literature review and developed complex databases to model the relationship between crime and...