Michael Flanagan

Journal article

Wage inequality across Australian labour market regions

This paper considers the patterns of inequality in wage and salaries across labour markets in Australia.
Conference paper

Demarcating functional economic regions across Australia differentiated by work participation categories

Analysing spatial variations in regional economic performance is a common focus for research by regional scientists. Typically such investigations suffer from using de jure regions (such as Local Government Aras) as the spatial base as data tend to be readily available for such administrative areas...

Dynamic tracking of the Employment Vulnerability Index against Centrelink labour market payments data

This paper explains and demonstrates the new tools that CofFEE has developed to map the EVI assessments against the claims for unemployment benefits from Centrelink. In March 2008, the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE) and the Griffith University’s Urban Research Program (URP) published...