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William Mitchell


Using enabling technologies to meet demands for food security and sustainability

This report examines how biotechnology, nanotechnology and information and communications technology could be used to increase crop production and its sustainability in Australia. The report was commissioned by the Department of Agriculture under the Commonwealth Government's National Enabling Technologies Strategy.
Working paper

Locked-in casual employment

This paper provides an up-to-date examination of the hypothesis that under certain circumstances casual workers can become trapped into a work history of repetitive casual jobs with little chance of escape.
Working paper

Dynamic tracking of the Employment Vulnerability Index against Centrelink labour market payments data

This paper explains and demonstrates the new tools that CofFEE has developed to map the EVI assessments against the claims for unemployment benefits from Centrelink.
Conference paper

The occupational dimensions of local labour markets in Australian cities

If there is an increasing spatial mismatch between housing and employment, moderately paid workers, essential to the efficient functioning of the urban economy, may face problems in accessing and retaining employment.
Conference paper

Examining the relationship between commuting patterns, employment growth and long term unemployment in the Sydney major statistical region

Developing a framework to understand how employment growth and commuting patterns (modelled using Journey to Work data) interact to determine the spatial distribution of unemployment in the Statistical Local Areas within the Sydney, this paper is part of an on-going project aimed at understanding the...