William Mitchell

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Wage inequality across Australian labour market regions

This paper considers the patterns of inequality in wage and salaries across labour markets in Australia.

Using enabling technologies to meet demands for food security and sustainability

This report examines how biotechnology, nanotechnology and information and communications technology could be used to increase crop production and its sustainability in Australia. The report was commissioned by the Department of Agriculture under the Commonwealth Government's National Enabling Technologies Strategy.
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The Two-speed Australian Economy - the Decline of Sydney's Labour Market

Australia is experiencing a two-speed economy in which New South Wales and Sydney are doing poorly in comparison to the mining regions of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Several factors contributing to the two-speed phenomenon: the terms of trade for base metal commodities...
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Socio-economic Performance across Australia's Non-metropolitan Functional Areas

There has been a significant amount of work published which aims to understand the socio-economic performance of Australia's non-metropolitan regions, cities and towns. Significantly much of this work has illustrated the variation in outcomes that characterise different places as they adjust to new and evolving...

Spatial dependence in regional unemployment in Australia

There is evidence that differentials in regional employment growth rates and regional unemployment rates have persisted in Australia since the early 1990s, despite relatively robust growth in the Australian economy overall, which might have promoted convergence in regional labour market outcomes. This paper investigates evidence...