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Hugo Seymour

Policy report

Western Australia and India: the need for a state strategy to recover and grow the economic relationship

This publication discusses how deeper economic ties with India will help ensure Western Australia remains connected into the corridors of regional and global growth.

India in APEC: views from the Indo-Pacific

This report examines regional perspectives on whether India should be a member of APEC. Bringing together a number of authors from India and six APEC economies, it unpacks the varied range of interests, objectives and agendas informing views on this important issue.

ASEAN and Western Australia’s economic future: Report from the Western Australia-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue 2018

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will increasingly trade, invest and build regional value chains between themselves, and the involvement of other economic powers in Southeast Asia will only increase. For WA to be meaningfully engaged, relationships of genuine partnership need to be developed...

The state government and WA's economic future in the Indo-Pacific

This report argues that to ensure Western Australia realises economic opportunities in the Indo-Pacific, the state government should orient its international engagement towards the emerging global growth countries of India, Indonesia, Vietnam and wider ASEAN.