Kurt Wallace

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Section 487: How activists use red tape to stop development and jobs (2020 update)

This report estimates that $65 billion of investment in major projects across Australia has been put at risk due to the legal activism of green groups enabled by Section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.

Technological neutrality in Australia’s energy market

This report outlines the IPA's objections to a proposal that prohibits the Commonwealth government or its agencies from funding the refurbishment, building, purchase, or assisting in the transfer of ownership, of a coal-fired power station.

Regulatory dark matter: how unaccountable regulators subvert democracy by imposing red tape without transparency

This report analyses and develops a methodology for measuring a category of red tape that to date has been ignored. This category of red tape is described as ‘regulatory dark matter,’ which refers to publications by government agencies that seek to influence the behaviour of...

Expanding economic opportunity: an international comparison of Australia’s labour market regulation

This report presents a comparison of Australia’s labour market entitlements with similar common law countries, and looks at how the labour market is perceived in ways that affect investment and growth.

Protecting flexibility in a dynamic economy: a critique of the Victorian government’s regulatory agenda

This paper examines current or proposed changes to the sharing economy, regulations hitting the labour hire industry, proposals to tackle ‘wage theft’, and the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws, in the context of the rapid growth of the Victorian public sector since 2014.