Cian Hussey


Evidence based policy research project 2021

Australia’s governments, both state and federal, are failing to undertake best practice policy-making. This failure is undermining the quality of public policy and is having a detrimental impact on faith in public institutions. The Institute of Public Affairs has undertaken analysis of 20 public policies...
Policy report

Net zero emissions will divide Australians

This report analyses the impact that a net zero emissions target could have on jobs across federal electorates in the eastern states.

The two Australias: the talkers versus the doers

The broader context for this research is the significant structural changes that have taken place across the Australian economy over the past 100 years. These changes are often discussed in the context of Australia industrialising away from its agrarian base, then de-industrialising in the shift...

Net zero jobs

Australia is facing increased international pressure to adopt a target of achieving net zero carbon equivalent emissions. This report presents an analysis of the effects of such a target on Australian jobs.

The changing structure of the Australian economy

This report outlines how a dramatic re-shaping to the structure of Australia’s economy has largely benefited big corporates and the financial sector, at the expense of family-run and small businesses.