Gianni Zappalà


Going deeper in social impact assessment: a focus on meaning rather than monetisation

Central to social impact is a focus on outcomes, the change that occurs in a person or program participant resulting from an intervention. Many social impact frameworks, however, encourage measuring outcomes to remain at a surface level, leading many social purpose organisations to question the...
Journal article

Meaningful Evaluation: a holistic and systemic approach to understanding and assessing outcomes

After briefly reviewing some of the key problems with how outcomes measurement is practised, this article presents some recent approaches from the evaluation field that attempt to address some of these concerns before introducing a new approach to understanding and evaluating outcomes – Meaningful Evaluation...

The integration of corporate responsibility: evidence from leading companies in Australia and New Zealand

This paper explores patterns of corporate responsibility integration among a group of leading companies in Australia/New Zealand.
Discussion paper

Beyond corporate responsibility: the 'spiritual turn' and the rise of conscious business

This paper outlines five schools of thought or movements that are beginning to move beyond corporate responsibility (CR) informed by the emerging world view and ‘spiritual turn’ occurring in society.