Matthew Forbes

Working paper

Literacy and numeracy skills and labour market outcomes in Australia

Australian adults are above the OECD average in literacy but only average in numeracy, according to a staff paper released by the Productivity Commission. The paper analyses the profile of adult literacy and numeracy skills in Australia, and how important those skills are for labour...

The effects of education and health on wages and productivity

Human capital theory supports the view that people with higher levels of education and lower incidences of chronic illness should have higher labour productivity. This paper examines the Australian evidence. Hourly wages can be used as an indicator of labour productivity. While wages are likely...
Journal article

Direct subsidies and housing affordability in Australian private rental markets

Many countries have undergone a broad retreat from the use of indirect (supply) subsidies to meet low-income housing-affordability problems, shifting to direct subsidies often linked to means-tested income-maintenance systems.