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Julie Walters


The anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regime in Australia: perceptions of regulated businesses in Australia

In Australia, legislation was introduced in 2006 that requires specified businesses to forward reports of certain financial transactions to the Australian Government agency, AUSTRAC. This report examines the findings of the survey on the perceptions of Australian businesses to the reporting regime in Australia. As...

Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing across the globe: a comparative study of regulatory action

The primary aims of those who commit economic crimes are to secure a financial advantage and to be able to make use of stolen funds without being detected by police and regulatory agencies. Many criminals, but by no means all, seek to disguise the origins...

Financing of terrorism: risks for Australia

This paper presents information on the environments in which the financing of terrorism have taken place in recent years and the trajectory of financing of terrorism risk which is likely to emerge for Australia and globally in the years ahead.
Discussion paper

Following the proceeds of illegal logging in Indonesia

Given that law enforcement activities against illegal logging appear not to have had a significant deterrent effect to date, the paper examines the possibility of using anti-money laundering approaches that already exist in Indonesia and neighbouring countries (Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia) to target both...