Rob McCusker


Financing of terrorism: risks for Australia

This paper presents information on the environments in which the financing of terrorism have taken place in recent years and the trajectory of financing of terrorism risk which is likely to emerge for Australia and globally in the years ahead.

The precursor chemical trade environment in Oceania

This report describes the manufacture and use of, and trade in, chemicals that can be used to produce illicit drugs - precursor chemicals - in Oceania; explores border management and control of precursor chemicals; and analyses legislation and regional capacity to respond. There is little...

Future directions in technology-enabled crime: 2007-09

The aim of this report was to identify the crime risks which will arise between 2007-09 out of the environment in which Australians use information and communications technologies. The aim of this report was to identify the crime risks which will arise over the next...

Transnational crime in the Pacific Islands: real or apparent danger?

Transnational crime constitutes a challenge for even the most advanced industrial nations. The Pacific Islands are culturally, educationally and socially diverse, geographically isolated and sparsely populated. There is a degree of heterogeneity in their respective levels of governance, corruption and law enforcement capacity. Economic weaknesses...

Review of anti-corruption strategies

This report identifies the common elements underpinning or undermining successful anti-corruption strategies, focusing on the Asia-Pacific area and highlighting practical rather than theoretical approaches. Given the range and impact of corrupt behaviour, any anti-corruption strategy must be cognisant of the causes of corruption, the political...