Alice Hutchings


Identity crime and misuse in Australia: results of the 2013 online survey

Abstract: Identity crime and misuse of personal information affect all sectors in Australia and cost individuals, business and government many millions of dollars annually. In May 2013, in order to explore the nature and scope of identity crime and misuse in Australia, the Australian Institute...

Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce: results of the 2012 online consumer fraud survey

The Australasian Consumer Fraud Task Force has conducted a range of fraud prevention and awareness raising activities since 2006. This report presents the results of the 2012 online consumer fraud survey. Foreword Each year, since 2007, the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has collected information...

Cloud computing for small business: criminal and security threats and prevention measures

Compared with large organisations, small businesses operate in a distinct and highly resource-constrained operating and technical environment. Their proprietors are often time poor, have minimal bargaining power and have limited financial, technical, legal and personnel resources. It is therefore unsurprising that cloud computing and its...

Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce: results of the 2010 and 2011 online consumer fraud surveys

This report argues that while email continues to be the most common method by which scams are delivered, the use of landline and mobile telephones, including SMS, to target potential scam victims, has increased. The Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT) includes 22 government regulatory agencies...

Computer security threats faced by small businesses in Australia

This paper attempts to educate small business owners about the risks that they face and the mitigation strategies they could employ to make their organisation safer. The internet is an affordable and effective place for small businesses to sell and promote their goods and services...