Tim Usherwood

Journal article

Health and access issues among Australian adolescents: a rural-urban comparison

In 2000 a study began to examine the health needs and help seeking behaviour of young people in New South Wales, and their service provision. More than 650 high school students took part in focus groups in 2001-2002, with 56 focus groups in urban areas...

General practice registrar education beyond the practice: the public health role of general practitioners

Explores the links between public health and general practice, to consider their implications for general practice registrar training. Background Public health is the organised efforts of society to prevent disease, promote health and prolong life in the population. While the focus of general practice is...

There's a hole in your out-of-pocket

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and a universal health care system: it's the Australian way. Of course, when visiting a doctor of checking in to a hospital there might be some up-front costs; but a comprehensive safety net means no-one gets left behind. That, at least...

Hospitalisation and death: no co-payment required

This article reviews research for the Menzies Centre for Health Policy that found that Australian doctors believe their patients are experiencing increasing financial hardship – with serious consequences for their health, and even death.